Life’s hectic schedule often makes it hard to complete personal tasks which is why Ovenuel have created a reliable and professional Errand Running Service. Whether you’d like us to pick up your dry cleaning, take or pick up a packages, pick up your groceries, our professional team are on hand to assist.

We are fast, efficient and reliable with the most professional and experienced errand services. Our Errand services are based in Lagos and its environment.

Collecting and delivering packages

Grocery shopping

Picking-up dry cleaning


Collecting and delivering prescriptions

Taking parcels to the Post Office

Personal shopping & gift shopping

Returns and exchanges

Queuing for passports and visas

And more!

  • Simply place a request by phone or email and we will discuss your requirements with you.
  • Once agreed, you will receive an invoice which covers our errand running fee and any expenses we may incur while completing your errand. Payment is due to confirm your booking.
  • You will then receive your confirmation email and we will carry out your errand as agreed.

Errand Service for your Business

Businesses are faced with tasks each day, and the volume of assignments to complete various tasks can become overwhelming. This is why Ovenuel has become immeasurably valuable to business customers, with more and more businesses outsourcing tasks to us so they can focus on their key objectives while staying on top of other demands. 

Ovenuel helps deliver a vast range of errand running services. By delegating everyday tasks to us, businesses’ employees can concentrate on using their core expertise to maintain and grow the business while we do the rest.